J: “Daddy. you’re my little princess.”

Andy: “Umm… thanks.”

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J: “Let’s go outside and do handstands.”

Andy: “We can’t go outside right now. I’m making lunches.”

J: “Daddy, the doctor says we need to do more handstands.”

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Andy‎: “J, am I your friend?”

J: “No. Mommy is.”

Andy: “You don’t want to go to college, do you?”

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J on vegetables

Andy: “We’re having pizza! Do you like pizza?”

J: “No.”

Andy: “You don’t like pizza?! Why not?”

J: “Because it has salad on it… and I don’t like salad.”

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Andy does not think the Man in the Yellow Hat should be held up as an example for our children. Hey Buddy, how about taking some responsibility for your monkey!?

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Andy and J were laying on the couch before lunch.

J: “Daddy, are you tired?”

Andy: “I sure am. Are you tired?”

J: “Yes. I had a long day at the playground.”

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8/28/10 - Crisis

‎”ANDY!!!! ANDY!!!! ANDY!!!!”

Andy: “What is it J?”

J: “I need your help… with the pool.”

Andy: “What’s wrong with the pool?”

J: “There’s a bee in it.”

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Andy was standing in the driveway when J rode her big wheel past wearing only a princess helmet.

Andy: “J, what happened to your princess Ariel dress?”

J: “My mermaid tail gets stuck in the wheels!”

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8/26/10 - the neighbors

Andy: “Is your sister teaching you cheerleader moves?”

Caroline (our 6-year-old neighbor): “Only one. It’s for defense.”

Andy: “Is that what you are doing right now?”

Caroline: “No. I learned this from Sponge Bob.”

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Andy recently saw a dog, a lady, and a kid who had the biggest black eye ever…

Andy: “Oh my God! What happened to your face!?”

Kid: “I ran into a pipe while I was running around in the dark playing laser tag. I actually knocked myself out.”

Andy: “No way! What happened then?”

Kid: “All the other kids ran up and shot me while I was unconscious until the match was over.”

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Andy was sitting on the porch this morning when J climbed up into my chair.

J: “Daddy, can you get me a bagel?”

Andy: “Umm.. sure. Do you want to sit with me for a little while first?”

J: “No.”

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8/25/10 - Acronyms

J: “Daddy, is that a VCR?”

Andy: “No, J. That’s an SUV.”

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Andy has an insane appointment schedule today! No breaks until 7 pm!

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Andy sat on the couch sharing his grapes with J -

J: “Why do you share with me?”

Andy: “Because I love you. Why do you share with me?”

J: “Because I like grapes.”

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Granddad: “Look J, it’s raining outside.”

J: “Oh my God, it’s pouring!”

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